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Birthday Ootd! (by Kirsten Dela Peña)

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ThatsHeart Palette | Pink Brush Set

Cheating (My P.O.V.)

Before, my point of view on ‘cheating’ is it’s always the third party who is to blame but now? It’s your partner really. I am not saying that the third party is straight up off the hook I mean they both are to blame but the ‘more’ blame would probably go to your partner. 

I just came to realize that your partner whom you trusted, whom you shared memories with, whom you gave your love to will suddenly just do something that they know will cause you so much pain. It’s just a tough decision for me I think. Like you gave so much effort and love to this person and then you’re just going to throw all that away. 

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My new sounds:

My man crush on every single day of the week hihihi 😍

Ice skating💕 #bucketlist #check ✔️


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